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Cigarette tubes

Cigarette tubes which we manufacture are also called cigarette sleeves and comprise of tissue paper and a filter. They are shaped like a cigarette but they become one only after filling.
We care about the quality of our cigarette tubes and this is why in their production we use only trusted materials imported from all over the world. We have a wide range of cigarette tubes in our offer. From ecological, quickly disintegrating EKO tubes, through menthol or fruit flavoured CLICK tubes, to tubes with filters in every possible length used across the world — they allow you to choose the amount of tobacco intended for the production of a single cigarette.
We manufacture our cigarette tubes in accordance with European standards to reduce the amount of harmful substances to a minimum. By using our products, you will not only be sure about the quality of the materials used in production, but also the final product itself. This is because our cigarette tubes undergo a strict quality control on every single stage of production before they are delivered to you.
Why is it worth to invest in our products? Most of all, because you are guaranteed the product of the highest quality, but also because by taking time to make your own cigarettes you save up to 50% of costs. We sincerely encourage you to try out our cigarette tubes and we believe you will become our loyal customer.

Golden Filter

Golden Filter is the leading Polish brand of cigarette tubes. When manufacturing Golden Filter cigarette tubes, we use a cutting-edge technology.
Golden Filter cigarette tubes are available in the wide range of 100+15 to 1000+100.

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