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One of the major European manufacturers of acetate cigarette filters and tubes offering comprehensive range of products for the tobacco industry, including as well rolling papers, injectors along with lighter refills. The company distributes the products under ‘Golden Filter’ brand but its capabilities allow to manufacture wide diversity of solutions under other brands as well. Additionally, Del-Vis specializes in construction and professional maintenance of a reliable cigarette tube making machine.


A reliable expert in the area of production and distribution of different varieties of tobacco, including mild blends, as well as the strongest tastes. Along with the quality of the manufactured products come very attractive prices, which constantly increase the market share of the company. Due to comprehensive offer and flexible conditions of cooperation, TabPol has gained trust of numerous domestic entities, as well as various companies from other European countries, operating in the industry.

Hawana Tabacco

Experienced distributor of cigarette rolling papers and tubes, present on the domestic, as well as international market. Their quality is best known in Central and Eastern Europe, however, with increasing frequency the company cooperates with brands from other countries as well. The range of distributed products includes as well injector machines, lighters and lighter refills. Moreover, Hawana Tabacco offers a wide range of smoking tobacco blends, from mild to very strong and distinctive taste.

Cigarette filters & tubes

Diverse offer includes a number of quality products and accessories, widely appreciated by professional companies from European tobacco industry. The package sizes are within the range of 100 – 1100 pieces, thus perfectly meeting the expectations of diverse customers. The available cigarette filters & tubes can be manufactured in standard versions, in a longer variety, as well as menthol one and in numerous other types. They can be filled with the use of standard tobacco injector, also available in the offer.

Cigarette papers

King Size slim and short types available in packages including 15 or 30 pieces with filters. The paper is strong, yet very thin, thus allowing to enjoy the real taste of the chosen, mild or strong tobacco blend. Their quality gained appreciation of a wide range of customers, looking for affordable, yet excellent solutions. As all of the available products, the cigarette papers are available under own brand, but can be manufactured for any company from the industry, operating on both domestic and international (European) market.

Cigarette tube making machine

The range of services and offer of Golden Filter companies focuses not only on the production of accessories for tobacco industry, such as rolling papers, injectors, lighters or lighter refills. Del-Vis company developed as well very efficient and used by a number of entities on domestic and international market cigarette tube making machine. It allows to manufacture high quality accessories in a short time, at minimum costs. The experts provide as well comprehensive maintenance services of the offered equipment.

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